A Warm Welcome
SafeHaven Team is proud and happy to announce a unique and first of its kind, very Safe Investment Project. Here, 90% of the investment amount is always assured (98% assured if investment is kept till the project termination period).

Investment Method

Send amount, NOT less than 0.001 BTC, from a SINGLE wallet to the SafeHaven wallet. Your wallet should NOT belong to an Exchange.

That's all. 90% of this amount will be your FD amount (Fixed Deposit), 8% the Distribution Pool Amount and 2% the SafeHaven Service Charge.


SafeHaven wallet



You can exit the project by sending amount equal to a network fee to the SafeHaven wallet. Your FD amount + your reward will be sent to your wallet. The network fee amount you send will be applied to the transaction as network fee. More is the the network fee, quicker will be the confirmation of the transaction.

If the network fee amount sent by you is found to be very low for a transaction to be confirmed, some amount will be deducted from your FD Amount + Reward Amount, to make up the appropriate network fee. If the network fee sent by you is too high, some part of the network fee will be shifted to your amount.

The network fee amount must be less than the minimum investment amount. Any amount greater than or equal to the minimum investment amount, shall be considered as more investment and will be added up to your previous un-claimed investment.

In case you do not claim and the project terminates, your FD Amount + your 8% Distribution Pool amount + reward amount will be automatically sent to your wallet. You need not have to make a claim when the project terminates. Network fee of course, will be deducted from the amount being sent to you.

You can always invest from the same wallet as many times as you like, even if the claim has been made or not.


You are rewarded from the part of the distribution pool that is left surplus when an investor exits. To make the point clear here is one example:

Let the total investments to SafeHaven be 1000 BTC.

Then, total FD Amount = 900 BTC and total Distribution Pool = 80 BTC.

Now say, some investors exit with a total of 600 BTC of investments. This will leave 48 BTC surplus in the Distribution Pool. Thus, your reward will be 48/(1000-600) = 0.12 BTC per invested BTC. You get this reward when you exit.

You get more benefit if you do not claim your investments before the project termination period. You will get Your FD Amount + 8% of your investment + Reward. Suppose for the above example, you had invested 10 BTC and the project termination period is over, you will get 9 BTC + 0.8 BTC + 10 x 0.12 BTC = 11 BTC.

Thus, your reward keeps on increasing as and as more investors exit. Current Reward rate per invested BTC, other relevant statistics and important information will be broadcasted on broadcast channel(s) from time to time.

Important Points

1. CAUTION! The FD Amount + rewards will be sent to your wallet from which you invest. Thus, you must possess the private key of your wallet. Investment amount MUST NOT be sent from an Exchange or you may not be able to use your funds.

2. Network fee will always be deducted from the amount being sent to you.

3. Investment less than the minimum amount described above or investment from multiple wallets will be treated as INVALID and the full amount shall go to the Distribution Pool and the Service Charge Pool in proportions (8:2). You will not get back this amount or part of it.

4. More investment (again, not less than minimum investment amount) can be sent from the same wallet. It will add up to your previous investment, if still un-claimed.

5. Any amount less than the minimus investement, sent by an investor to the SafeHaven wallet will be considered as a withdrawal request (see "Claim" section above).

6. Part withdrawal is not supported.

7. No investments will be accepted after the project terminates. All funds sent after the termination period will be returned. Network fee shall be applied from your funds.

8. If due to very high network fee requirement in the network (as it happened about 2 years ago), SafeHaven outward transaction to you does not confirm, It will be resend with appropriate network fee after it is dropped from the network mempool (after about 3 days). Your funds will be also resent if the transaction is dropped due to any other reasons. You don't have to worry about your funds.

Project Termination

Project will terminate in any of the following conditions:

  1. There is no investment in a period of 2 years from the last investment.

  2. A Govt. Body forces to close the project.

  3. SafeHaven decides not to continue the project.

  4. Any other un-avoidable reason to close the project.

Project termination date will be notified at least 7 days in advance. After project terminates, your FD Amount + 8% of your investment + rewards, will be automatically sent to your wallet. There will be no need to make claim, by you.


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